Alpine glacier
Tawny Eagle
Hills in mid-Wales
Bamburgh Castle from Stag Rock, 2013
Holy Island boats
Santorini impressions
The Watcher
Knot wader roost Stag Rock Oct 2013
Snow Leopard
Parasol Mushrooms, Old Sulehay, Nov 2014
Tree-bumblebee on bramble
Inaugural Run
STF Vandrarhem, Stockholm
Rannoch Moor
Wave breaking and Black Headed Gulls taking off
Porth Naven
River Derwent, Nov 2013
Small Skipper, Maiden Castle, Dorset
Old Coastguard Cottages, Portland Bill
Sunset Swan
Chalkhill Blue, Portland Bill


The Sixth League PDI Competition 2020-2021 was held on 9th. March 2021 and judged by Steve Clifford CPAGB.BPE3*.AFIAP from the Midlands Counties Photographic Federation. The top 4 scores this time was a 20 by Colin Bradshaw DPAGB.QPAS.BPE4* with ' Mating Marbled White'. A high 19 from Neil Malton DPAGB with 'Comet & Tree' Another high 19 from Barry Chambers LRPS.LIPF with 'Amaryllis Red Lion' Another high 19 from David Hodgson DPAGB.BPE4* with 'Torres Del Paine Lake District'. which you can see. Read more about SIXTH LEAGUE PDI COMPETITION 2020-2021

Annual Exhibition 2020/21

These are the winning entries and those that were Highly Commended or Commended by the  jufge Ralph Snook ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP. They were selected from 317 entries submitted by 15 of our members.

Speciial congratulations to Colin Bradshaw whose image "Grey Heron catching Minnow" which won the Monochrome section, won the Best Monochrome award and to Gill Steyn whose image "Indiana" which won the Portrait section, won the Best PDI and the Best Overall Image awards. Read more about Annual Exhibition 2020/21


Held on 9th. February 2021 and judged by David Portwain ARPS.CPAGB. from the East Anglian Federation.

This time we had 4 top 20s. 'Peregrine Falcon with Pigeon' by Gill Steyn BPE2*. Another top 20 from Gill was 'Blooms and Berries'

The other 2 top 20s was from Colin Bradshaw DPAGB.BPE4* with 'Heron Calling on a Misty Night' and 'Jet Ski 999'

Now with just one more league competition 2020-2021 Colin Bradshaw is 1st 193. Gill Steyn is 2nd 191 and Peter Malton is 3rd 189. Read more about FIFTH LEAGUE PDI COMPETITION 5 2020-2021


Held on 26th. January and judged by Peter Maguire LRPS.CPAGB.AFIAP from the Northern Counties Photographic Society.

We had 4 top 20s this time. 'Banded Demoiselle Holding Water Droplet' by Colin Bradshaw DPAGB.DPE4* and also from Colin Bradshaw 'Mating Brown Argus'. 'Kingfisher with Catch' from Gill Steyn BPE2* and 'Kings Cross Tower Block' from Gary Goodacre.

Have shown you these 4 pictures and also the full results and the PDI Season Results 2020-2021. Colin Bradshaw is now first,Peter Malton is Second and Gill Steyn is Third. Read more about FOURTH LEAGUE PDI COMPETITION 4 2020-2021


The PDI Panel competition was held on 15th. December 2020 and judged by Ralph Snook ARPS.DPAGB.EFIAP. and from Western Counties Photographic Federation. 1st. Place was from Gill Steyn BPE2* with 'The Ancients'. 2nd. Place was from Barry Chambers LRPS with 'Yellow Blooms'. 3rd. Place was from Colin Bradshaw DPAGB.BPE4* with 'Hare'. Highley Commended from Gill Steyn with 'Hunting Red Foxes'. Another Highley Commended from Barry Chambers 'Drinks'. A Commended from Gill Steyn again with 'Harves Mice' Then another Commended from Stuart Ball with 'Poecilobothrus Nobilitatus'. Read more about PANEL COMPETITION RESULTS