Sept 27th Getting Out There and Giving It A Go with Andrew Mozley (F2F)

Andrew has this to say about his work. It sounds like another good evening for PPS:

My talk is called "Getting out there and Giving it a Go". Whilst I have been taking photographs for many years, and was once an active member of Melton Mowbray Photographic Society and the BPE circuit (I am DPAGB, BPE5*), I have never had any formal training. I have developed my photography through observing and talking to others, listening to (and often disagreeing with) the comments of judges, reading magazine articles and more latterly posts and comments on social media. There is a danger in this approach though, in that you become a very good "armchair photographer".

Ultimately I have learned to take photographs that please me, and have found the best way of learning and developing is by trying things for myself. I have a passion for the great outdoors and enjoy photographing the natural world - putting it simply, getting out there and giving it a go.

My passion is mainly for wildlife, but also for landscapes, so I have attached both types. Most of my photography is UK based but I also have a selection from holidays abroad (e.g. the egrets). By the time I visit you I will have had (fingers crossed) a month long family holiday in the USA, so I may get some more images there.


Egrets feeding      Elephant Hawk moth    Gannets sparring


Ullswater Light     Porth Nanven Sunset


                                      Woodpigeons      Red Squirrel

Tuesday, September 27, 2022 - 19:30