October 5th 2021 Photothon Evening (fun competition)

All members should now have recieved the booklet from our President about this pretty new event. The pandemic made last year's attempt null and void.

There are ten categories that you need to have one image of. The snag is that they must all be taken on the SAME DAY. You can choose your day but they MUST be in the order on the booklet. You could even take them all around your home and garden, if you wish, and can cover all ten categories. You can miss an image out if it proves to be too difficult but you will gain no marks for any gaps. In other words all TEN images will be marked so the photographer with the largest total will be declared the winner. The marking system will be announced when we know if we will be meeting face to face in the evenng or via Zoom. 

The ten images will be shown/projected in order with their titles.

If you are lucky enough to have a day out or a special visit planned, that will give  the evening of the showing and marking more variety and interest. After you have read the booklet, if you do have any more questions - simply ask. Otherwise, put your thinking caps on; consider which images you are going to be taking and ensure that you can get them within that 24h window.

PDIs usual size etc. Closing date is expected to be September 28th.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021 - 19:30