November 2nd 2021 Abstracts, Pattern and Art in Your Eyes with Damon Guy

Damon Guy gave us a great evenng last season with "Using the Rules of Photography and How to Break Them". This season he will be entertaining us with an evening aboutĀ  "Abstracts, Pattern and Art in Your Eyes" which looks as if it will give us plenty to think about.

Damon says that "despite a long history, photographic abstracts have been a challenge to create, interpret and think about. This talk opens up the subject, helps you think about abstracts and introduces them as a photographic genre. The talk aims to help you look at abstracts as art and as a project for your own work. It also provides a way for you to think about, compose and produce abstracts and to understand and compose your photographs in a wider context".

It sounds as if we will need to make sure that ourĀ  "little grey cells" are in great working order to benefit from this intriguing talk.

To find out more about Damon, please visit his website where you will find many interesting items. One that caught my eye was "Ten Ways for Photography to help your Mental Health". For many of us the pandemic was a bit of an ordeal but, as photographers, along with people who work with different art forms, we had the means all the time on hand to be able to keep ourselves usefully occupied through such difficult times by concentrating on our interest. Such deep concentration really is good for our mental health.

He also runs courses for digital photographers so do find time to browse through his website.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021 - 19:30