May 3rd 2022 Photographer of the Year Competition

Photographer of the Year - the first time we have run this competition - rules are available on this website.

The judge will be Howard Tate MA (Photo), ARPS,  APAGB  AFIAP from Pontefract; a judge new to us, so as neutral as one can get!

The rules are as follows:


Ten genres to choose from

Select any 6 of them.

Enter an image in each of your chosen genres in mono or colour.

The winner will have the highest aggregate of 6 scores unless –  there is a tie.

A landscape image (this time) will be the tie breaker.

Have one ready as entry number 7.


Any member wishing to enter fewer than 6 images may do so

(but will be unlikely to win the main trophy).

There will be a certificate for the winner of each genre.


The ten genres are: street, architectural, macro, commercial, composite, event, long exposure, minimalist, night and still life.

(Selected from “50 Types of Photography” but different to our Annual Exhibition genres)

Entries may be PDIs or Prints this year.


The entries will be judged in the usual manner out of 20 and usual PPS rules will apply for size of prints and projected images and for every image being of current work.


The winner of “21.22  Photographer of the Year” will be awarded the “Photographer of the Year”  trophy to keep for one year which will be engraved with their name.


NB Images may be retained over the summer for an exhibition and/or be used for the Welcome Evening for the next season.

July 2021


Tuesday, May 3, 2022 - 19:30