The last competition this season was the Comp.6 Prints and held on the 15th. March 2022 and judged by David Portwain ARPS.CPAGB. from the East Anglian Federation. Had 21 Prints entered and the judge went for the 6 top 20s.

First was 'Fighting Bussards' by Gill Steyn DPAGB.PPSA.BPE3*

Second was 'Wild Kestrey in Flight' again by Gill Steyn

Third was 'Paired Adonis Blues' by Peter Malton

The other top 20s are 'Carefree' from Colin Bradshaw DPAGB.AFIAP.PPSA.BPE5*. 'Kingfisher Chatter' again from Colin Bradshaw. 'Boxing and Jumping' again from Colin Bradshaw.

Have shown you the 6 top 20s and also the full results and the Final Season Competition Results.

So at the end for the Prints Season Gill Steyn won and second was Colin Bradshaw and third was Peter Malton.


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