The Comp.5 PDI was held on 15th. February 2022 with 42 entries and judged by Dr. Anne Sutcliffe FRPS.EFIAP. PPSA. from the Midland Counties Photographic Federation and the judge voted 9 top 20s.

1st was 'A Kestrel, a Mouse and Fly' by Gill Steyn DPAGB. PPSA. BPE3*

2nd was 'Gracefulness Presonified' by Colin Bradshaw DPAGB. AFIAP. PPSA, BPE5*

3rd was 'Jet Racer' again from Gill Steyn

The other top 20s are 'Osprey with Trout' again by Gill Steyn. 'Burghley Pano' by Geoff Harman. 'Mating Adonis Blues' by Neil Malton DPAGB. 'Young Heron Fishing in the Rain' by Colin Bradshaw. 'Three Coffee Cups' by Gary Goodacre. 'Raven Calling' by David Hodgson DPAGB.BPE4.

Have shown you the 9 top 20s the full results and the full season results.

As the PDI League has finished for 2021-2022 Colin Bradshaw DPAGB. AFIAP. PPSA. BPE5* has won 1st. 2nd was Neil Malton DPAGB and 3rd was Gill Steyn DPAGB. PPSA. BPE3*.

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