Bill Dunn Memorial - Creative Competition

This year the judge was Steven Galvin who was impressed by the work and thoroughly enjoyed his task. The numbers were slightly down, due to the pandemic restrications, so we look forward to even more entries next year when the competition will be on March 28th 2023.


The results, in reverse order for this year are:

Commended - A Chance Encounter by Gill Steyn (PPS);  Seth’s Presence in His Temple by Ian Taylor (Swavesey CC);   The Fall by Simon Shore (Swavesey CC);  Red Arrows by David Hodgson (Wisbech CC);  Night of the Comet by Neil Malton (PPS)

Highly Commended - Girl on a Motorcycle by Simon Shore (Swavesey CC);   I.D. Parade by Douglas Thompson (Swavesey CC);  Crayon Play by Martin Smart (Wisbech CC)

Third place - Mouldy Old Troll by Penelope Reeves (Swavesey CC)

Second place - Tulips in Ice by David McClure (PCCC)

First place - A Message for the Bottle by Gill Steyn (PPS)

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