The 3 Way Battle in Peterborough P.S with Deepings C.C. and the Wisbech C.C on 1st March 2022 and judged by Jonathan Vaines LRPS.CPAGB from the East Anglian Federation.

With 8 Prints and 8 PDIs Peterborough P.S. then won with 277 votes 2nd was Deepings C.C. 267 and 3rd was the Wisbech C.C. 257.

For PPS had 3 top 20s. 'Snetterton Spill'  Print by Colin Bradshaw DPAGB. AFIAP. PPSA.BPE5*. 'Spanish Dancer' Print again from Colin Bradshaw. Then 'Mayfly' PDI by Peter Malton.

Have shown you the 3 top 20s and the winning trophy to our special President Geoff Harman with the Judge.

Also shown you the full Results.

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