Member Gill Steyn has now got the CPAGB from The Photographic Alliance of Great Britian.

CPAGB is Credit Photographic Alliance Great Britian.

To get an award the total score needed at least 200 points then Gill got 241.

Have now shown you the 20 pictures did very well.

Gill Steyn is now CPAGB.QPSA.BPE3* Read more about CPAGB


This Three Crown Award Certificate is presented to our member Gill Steyn on 29th. March 2021.

BPE3* is from the BRITISH PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITIONS then with BPE1 you need 25 accepted. With BPE2 you need 50 accepted then for the BPE3* 100 pictures need to be accepted. Read more about BPE3*


The Annual 4 Way Battle held at Deepings CC on zoom 10th. March 2021.

Deepings CC 1st. 254. Peterborough PS. 2nd. 244, March CC 3rd. 229 and the Wisbech CC 4TH. 225.

Our top 20 score came again from Colin Bradshaw DPAGB. QPSA.BPE4* with again the 'Grey Heron in Mist Eating Fish'

Another high 19 also came from Colin Bradshaw with 'Bandits'.                                                                                                                                               Read more about 4 WAY BATTLE COMPETITION 2021


The Annual N&EMPF PDI Championship was held on Sunday 7th. March 2021. The 3 judges were Jenny Hibbert MPAGB.EFIAP. AWPF.,

Peter Patterson FRPS.MPAGB.MFIAP and Glyn Edmunds ARPS.APSA.EPSA.EFIAP. The judges then could vote 2.3.4 or 5 then the lowest vote was 6 and the highest was 15.

This time 25 clubs entered and was won by Rolls-Royce (Derby) PS and the Peterborough PS came 4th.

The highest 15 from us was from Colin Bradshaw DPAGB. QPSA. BPE4* with 'Grey Heron in Mist Eating Fish' and was Highly Commended. Read more about N&EMPF PDI CHAMPIONSHIP 2021


For the N&EMPF PDI Exhibition 2021 have now got 17 pictures in. Colin Bradshaw DPAGB. BPE4* got 6 in and a commended with 'Grey Heron with Fish'. Gill Steyn is now BPE2* and got 4 in. Judy Hodgson CPAGB.BPE4* got 3 in. Peter Malton got 2 in. David Hodgson DPAGB.BPE4* and Nigel Gardner BPE2* got 1 in. You can now see the full results on the N&EMPF web-site.

Now showing you the 17 pictures selected. Read more about N&EMPF EXHIBITION 2021