The sixth and final league competition for 2019-2020 was held as the Comp.6 Prints and judged by Ben Pike. The top 20 score came from Gill Steyn with ' Halloween Horror' which also did very well in our annual exhibition. The other top 20 score came from Ian Haskell with 'Wintery Crested Tit'. Colin Bradshaw DPAGB. BPE3* also did well with two 19 scores he then stayed on top and won the Print League competition then Neil Malton came second and Ian Haskell came third. Have shown you the 2 top 20 scores and the full scores and the final season results. Read more about SIXTH LEAGUE COMPETITION 2019-2020


We again entered the GB Cup with PDIs and Prints in the Open and Nature sections for the Photographic Alliance of Great Britian. For the GB Cup Open section 71 clubs entered and we came 46th. In the Nature section 86 clubs entered we then came 25th. For the Print Trophy Open and Nature only 15 clubs entered and our highest was 8th. Will now mention you the very special results from the GB Nature Cup. As for the top Author Results hundreds of members took part with 86 clubs around Great Britain. As a member can only enter 3 PDIs the highest score would be 15 for each one and a maximum 45. Read more about THE GB CUP


The Print Panel Competition was also very well judged by David Jordan FRPS. The winner was Mike Burns with 'Out of Africa'. Second was 'Grass Tracking' by Colin Bradshaw. Third was 'Riding the Surf' by Fred Ayley. Also from Fred is a Highley Commended 'The Age of Sail'. A Commended 'Sitting Down in Peru' by David Hodgson. Another Commended 'Young Graduates' from Judy Hodgson. We had 16 Print Panels  from 8 members. Also showing the full results. Read more about PRINT PANEL COMPETITION


The PDI Panel Competition was very well judged by David Jordan FRPS. The winner was Gary Goodacre with 'The Shard' and Gary again came second with 'Night Stalker'. Third was' Retirment' by Nigel Gardner. Highly Commended 'I'm Not Sulking' by Barry Chambers, Another Highley Commended 'Celings' by Fred Ayley. A Commended 'Roses' by Barry Chambers. Another Commended  'Door Lock' by David Hodgson. Then a third Commended  'Portrait' by Nigel Gardner. Had 21 PDI Panels from 10 members. Also showing the full results. Read more about PDI PANEL COMPETITION