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Woodwalton Fen, Sun 24th Sept

It was a very nice morning, but few people turned up - just four of us! This is rather disapointing! Members ask for more practical events but, when we arrange them, people do not attend.

Common Darter was reasonably frequent and we saw a few Ruddy Darter and there were some very nice, bright blue male Migrant Hawker. A bonus were a couple of Common Lizards.

Migrant Hawker (Aeshna mixta) maleCommon Lizard

Geoff Harman
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Woodwalton Fen

Hi Stuart, Yes, I am one of those that expressed an interest in attending some practical events and attended five of the joint events with DCC over the summer. They were just what I wanted. I would love to have come to the Woodwalton Fen outing, but unfortunately could not attend due to family commitments. I realise that it is disheartening when so few turned up this time, but perhaps worth persevering with as they become more of a feature and people can possibly plan ahead more. I for one appreciate the amount of time and trouble that goes into these - thanks to all involved! Hopefully they will continue, and I can make it to them.  Geoff.

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