Practical events in Autumn 2017

Feedback from members indicates that they would like more practical event, including some evening and weekend trips out to photograph particular subjects. Consequently we intend to include some of these in the programme for the rest of 2017.

The first of these took plave on July 25th with an evening visit to Barnack Hills and Holes led by Peter Malton and aimed at photographing butterflies. This was very successfull, helped by a lovelly sunny summers evening. It attracted a good turn out with about 12-15 people present. Marbled Whites were still around, although looking somewhat battered, but the main attraction was the hundreds of roosting Chalkhill Blues which made very nice subjects for close ups. Amonst the other attractions were large numbers of Burnet moths and a gloroius display of Clustered Bell-flower.

We have three other events planned, though none with a definite date as yet (at least partly because they are highly weather dependent).

  • Dragonfly photography at Woodwalton Fen. Led by Peter Malton. Probably a weekend day fairly early in the new season, during September. Common and Ruddy Darter should still be abundant and Migrant Hawker is likely to still be around.
  • Bridge Fair, Peterborough. Led by Richard Houghton. We have found it surprisingly difficult to find out the dates, but the fair is usually held on the embankment in Peterborough about the last week of Septemebr to first week of October. This will be an evening visit concentrating on night photography of the colours, lights and action.
  • Fungi photography in a local wood. Led by Stuart Ball. This will be a weekend visit probably in October, to a local wood such as Bedford Purlieus or Old Sulehay, to photograph fungi. We will keep an eye on the season, but the wet weather so far in August suggest that there will be a good crop of fungi this Autumn.

We will make final arrangements at Tuesday evening meetings both to take account of the weather forecast and to fit in with as many people as possible.

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