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PPS Flickr group

Hi, Peeps. I am looking at ways to improve the 'visibility' of the Society. 

When some photographers in the local area join image sharing sites, such as Flickr - often they will do a search for sites that contain the word 'Peterborough' - at least I did!!!

I thought that it would be useful for PPS to have a presence here, with a possibility that when people discover our site, then they may be tempted to join us!

I have set up a site called, strangely enough, Peterborough Photographic Society (UK) - I have had to put the UK bit in, to distinguish us from the group in Ontario.

- Some PPS members are  already Flickr users and I know that some will have issues with copywrite. If so, then please don't post. BUT if you are happy to share some of your images, could you please consider uploading them?

If not a Flickr member, but would still like to add images, then you can send them to me so that I can upload them for you. (harman@gotadsl.co.uk