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Hi, Peeps. I am looking at ways to improve the 'visibility' of the Society. 

When some photographers in the local area join image sharing sites, such as Flickr - often they will do a search for sites that contain the word 'Peterborough' - at least I did!!!

I thought that it would be useful for PPS to have a presence here, with a possibility that when people discover our site, then they may be tempted to join us!

I have set up a tentative site called, strangely enough, Peterborough Photographic Society (UK) - I have had to put the UK bit in, to distinguish us from the group in Ontario.

- Some PPS members are  already Flickr users and I know that some will have issues with copywrite, and it possibly be a declininhg platform, etc  - If so, then please don't post. BUT if you are happy to share some of your images could you please consider uploading them to our new venture?

If not a Flickr member, but would still like to add images, then you can send them to me so that I can upload them for you. (harman@gotadsl.co.uk

At the moment, there are only a few of my images on there. - NOT representative of the great work being produced within the club. PLEASE help me replace them with something better!!!

- This may not work at all, but I think that it is worth a try.

BTW, can anybody do something similar to more 'trendy' sites such as Instagram - I'm afraid that I am personally sticking with Flickr, as I know how to use it.