Photo Hunt 2018

On January 9th this year's Photo Hunt was judged by Rex Makesom on his first visit to PPS for the first evening of 2018. The five teams who entered were Going Solo, Photogenic, The Malton Mafia, Fen Country and Routemaster. Choosing your team name is where the fun starts.

Ten images are entered in some rather strange categories like "things organised neatly", "a PDI that includes one of your vices" and "an in between moment". There are twenty categories to choose from.

It was a really good evening and there were fun prizes for each team and also for the best image of the evening. This was a blend of good photography and also well chosen to fit the category. This time the winning image was "Between Perch and Pond" by Going Solo, which you can see below.

Fen Country finished in first place, Going Solo was second and The Malton mafia were third.

Fen Country entered "The Windowsill" in the organised neatly category.

Going Solo entered "Coming in to Land"  as nature in motion.

The Malton Mafia entered "Hanging Around" as being inspired by an artist (Dali).

Routemaster entered "Refurbished Offices -  all en suite!" as something restored.

Photogenic entered "Walkways to the Lifts" as modern architecture.

As it was a good evening for both entrants and non-entrants, this evening will be run again next season ..... with different categories.

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