We again entered the GB Cup with PDIs and Prints in the Open and Nature sections for the Photographic Alliance of Great Britian. For the GB Cup Open section 71 clubs entered and we came 46th. In the Nature section 86 clubs entered we then came 25th. For the Print Trophy Open and Nature only 15 clubs entered and our highest was 8th. Will now mention you the very special results from the GB Nature Cup. As for the top Author Results hundreds of members took part with 86 clubs around Great Britain. As a member can only enter 3 PDIs the highest score would be 15 for each one and a maximum 45. The winner then scored 41 and second was 40. Then very special for this club Neil Malton DPAGB scored 39 and came third equal. These were 'Goshawk on Kill' scored 12, 'Adonis Blue' scored 13 and the 'Broad Bodied Chaser on Exuvia' scored 14. Ian Haskell also did well with the 'Wild Buzzard Eating Rabbit' scored 14.

Have now shown you the best pictures from Neil Malton and Iand Haskell and also the results from our members for all 4 Cups we entered again.

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