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From Figurative to Abstract Photography - A BIG or SMALL step? -by Mike Morrison

The meeting on October 24th was  ‘From  Figurative to Abstract Photography - a BIG or SMALL step?’  by  Mike Morrison

 Mike was new to us, but I am sure that this will not be his last visit.


His work was very experimental and challenging, blurring the line between photography and graphic design. Some of his images were outstanding.

Words cannot easily describe some of his creations, so if you missed the evening you can catch up with his work on his website.


Now,……. Who has found the magic button in Photoshop to create the round images?????  - No prizes, but please share with the rest of us when you discover it.




Janet Davies
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I wish I had that secret, as

I wish I had that secret, as I long to try out some of his ideas. I am sure that someone must know. I was completely enthralled by his work. The original pieces were photos but he used them in such creative ways for stained glass windows or table tops where you would be hard pressed to work out how the final pattern started out.

What was almost as amazing was the fact that he does so much "main road" photography such as portraits and landscapes.


Definitely a good evening.

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