February 8th 2022 Practical Insect Photography with Marlies Chell

This will be presented by Marlies Chell BPE1* and cameras will be needed.

This will be a practical evening of macro / close up photography and Marlies will bring a large selection of insects for members to photograph. There will be six tables, set up with different backgrounds, lighting and stems/twigs etc.  After a briefing on technique and settings, members are free to move around the room and take photographs.
Marlies will advise individuals throughout the evening as and when they need help especially members who have never tried macro or insect photography before. She will bring enough insects to swap over part way through with a wide choice of backgrounds and props to choose from. Members will need to bring a tripod. They may use ring flashes/ twin flashes if they have them.
Insect Macro (2)
Tuesday, February 8, 2022 - 19:30