Bill Dunn Competition 2020 - results

Due to current circumstances, this year's Bill Dunn competition was conducted remotely. Those who submitted prints were asked for the images in the usual PDI format and all the submitted images were sent to the judge, Diane Seddon ARPS CPAGB BPE3, electronically. She did an amazing job, sending back 11 pages of comments! Those who submitted images have received there comments individually.

Here are Diane's overall comments and selectins for Commended, Highly commended and this year's winner. We have added the author's name and club - the entries were sent anonymously so the judge did not have this information.:

Comments overall

What is creative photography - I’ve put a lot of thought into this over time - as I feel that most of the work that I complete is creative in some way.

The best definition that I can come up with is this

It is photography which shows an extension of processing into something more akin to ‘art’.  The purpose would be to stimulate the viewer, and to make them think twice about what is put before them.  It is also to encourage the photographer to experiment with new ideas that take us beyond a ‘simple’ photograph.

Overall, here I have seen a  great set of images of varying styles and genres, showing the range of creativity that individual photographers can put into their art form.

Some images were more simple than others, and some had complex processing done to them. 

I have judged these partly on photographic skills in terms of presentation, and general artistic rules, and partly on the clever manipulation of software, but mostly on imagination and creativity.

I felt that some images would have done better in more specific competitions, and I hope I have passed comments here appropriately.

I would hope that entrants will see that the comments passed by me, are my opinion only, and of course a different judge, on a different day would maybe make different choices.

However, I can only pick one winner- and a maximum of three Commended / Highly Commended.

The results therefore are as follows….. In reverse order

Commended - Trees in the Sand - A well put together image, with the addition of the bird, enhancing the scene…… (Gill Steyn  - Peterborough PS)

Commended - Dandylion Lights - creative, and imaginative - love the colours. (Roger Ellison Peterborough City CC)

Commended - The Commute - very well put together, great storyline, essentially a great example of creative photography.(Graham Williams – Peterborough City CC)

Highly Commended - Turbine Tutus - beautifully put together image of the turbines.  Cracking title too. (Roger Newark – March CC)

Highly Commended - Chasing the dream - super shot of the motorcycle inside a tire, and also showing the checkered flag…. Eyes showing well, and emphasizing the drama of the race. (Gill Steyn  - Peterborough PS)

Which left me with two images - and it took me a while to decide which to give the HC to, and which to win…….

Both are brilliantly done, but in totally different styles.

  1. Blooms and Berries - a fantastic still life, with a soft treatment, and as a print would grace any wall.
  2. Gone Fishing - so well put together, with a super storyline, almost with a Disney effect.

In the end, and after some deliberation…..

Highly Commended - Gone Fishing (Richard Harrison – Swavesey CC)

The Winner today therefore is :-BLOOMS AND BERRIES (Gill Steyn  - Peterborough PS)

Many congratulations to the winning entries.

In this very odd time of judging - I hope you enjoy the comments, and please don’t read too much into them.  It’s very hard to write down comments, that most often come over differently when you actually have a room full of people to say them too.

Best Wishes, and kind regards…

Stay safe everyone, and keep enjoying your photography.

Diane Seddon ARPS CPAGB BPE3

The following gallery contains the Winning, Highly commended and Commended entries. The rest will be posted in a couple more galleries.


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