Annual Exhibition



The key objectives to holding an Annual Exhibition are as follows:-

  • to provide a structured, vehicle for members of PPS to exhibit their photographic skills to a wider audience,
  • to increase the public awareness of the society by exhibiting a selection of photographic works in the city of Peterborough,
  • to facilitate a PPS ‘Annual Exhibition/Competition’ where awards are presented. These awards cover many different genres of photography produced as PDIs or Prints,
  • to encourage, support and assist members of any skill level or knowledge to take part in the photographic exhibition experience.


The Annual Exhibition will consist of mounted prints and projected digital images (PDI).

A number of competitions are integral to the exhibition and trophies and awards apply to each class. The exhibition will be held in a suitable venue within the city of Peterborough. Note that, in the 2018-19 season, the Panel section of the Exhibition will be held separately as a stand-alone competition in the Tuesday evening programme: entries are due on 4th December 2018 and they will be judged on 11th December. The trophies will be awarded at the Exhibition opening night and the winning entries will be exhibited as usual.

The classes are: Open, Portraiture, Natural History, Action, Record, Panel, Landscape, Monochrome and New Exhibitor for which the following are awarded.

For Prints

For PDIs

In addition to these awards, the judge will award a 2nd and 3rd place and may award up to two highly commended and two commended in each section, with the exception of the panel sections where only one highly commended and one commended may be given.


  • All fully paid up members of the Peterborough Photographic Society (PPS) are eligible to enter the exhibition.
  • Prints and PDI of the same image, or so similar as to appear almost identical, may NOT be entered simultaneously in the same exhibition.
  • Any image (print or projected, mono or colour) may not be submitted in a future exhibition, irrespective of the format.
  • The PPS Committee reserves the right not to accept any entry in the event of it ‘not being fit for public display’. In such cases the member will be invited to provide a replacement image.
  • All entries will be judged and scored.
  • While it is intended that all winning images be exhibited, very large prints or panels may have to be omitted due to display considerations. This will be decided by the Exhibition Secretary at that time.
  • Digital images may be projected according to the available conditions in the Exhibition venue. They will also be shown at a later date within the clubs normal Programme.
  • Prints will be judged on any colour Mountboard the Author chooses but only those mounted on ‘Antique White Mountboard’ will be displayed in the exhibition, irrespective of their success. This is to ensure display uniformity within the exhibition itself. If a member has been unsuccessful in receiving an award. That members highest scoring images will be displayed in the Exhibition (subject to display availability) In the event that there are a number of images scoring the same mark, the PPS Exhibition Secretary will select the images to be displayed after considering the content of the exhibition images.
  • All entries must be submitted to the Exhibition Secretary by the date displayed on the club notice board, PPS programme and website.
  • Any entries received after the closing date will not be eligible.
  • Entries MUST be accompanied by a correctly completed entry form and the appropriate fee.
  • Should a member wish to submit any part of a panel in an additional class, then a duplicate image must be provided for that class (print or PDI).
  • The organisers will take every reasonable care of the entries received but cannot accept any liability for loss or damage, however caused.
  • Winners may keep their trophy for one year or until the next exhibition (if earlier). They are responsible for returning the trophy safely and in good condition.
  • All entries must be photographic in nature and the photographer must own the copyright of all the elements of the picture.
  • Peterborough Photographic Society accepts no liability for breach of copyright.
  • Entries must originate as photographs (image-captures of objects via light sensitivity) made by the entrant on photographic emulsion or acquired digitally.
  • Images entered must be entirely the work of the photographer. Composite images are permitted provided all component images meet this requirement. For the avoidance of doubt, use of images from any other source including, but not limited to, royalty free image banks and clipart are not permitted.
  • By submitting images for the exhibition it is deemed that you have accepted the terms and conditions of entry. In the unlikely event that a member wishes to make a complaint against a winning entry then the PPS complaints procedure must be adhered to.


Responsibility for selecting the appropriate class rests entirely with the entrant. The exhibition judge will assess work in the class of entry only and will be advised of the entry criteria beforehand. Members should submit entries in the sections most appropriate to their images. There are 5 specific sections as below.....

Portraiture (Mono or Colour) - People should be the dominant feature and the person(s) portrayed should be the major element of the image. In addition to traditional studio portraiture, candid figure studies and people in leisure pursuits etc. are welcome. The Likeness, personality, and mood of a living subject should be shown. Portraiture is not restricted to head and shoulders and may include just a part of the face, a back view or even a full length study.

Natural History (Mono or Colour) It was decided at AGM, that rules for the Nature Section in the PAGB Nature definition should be adopted by PPS (note that the additional restrictions placed on the Wildlife Section in those rules do not apply). For the avoidance of doubt, please check the PAGB website for updated changes. or

Record (Mono or Colour) - Photographs that are a straightforward representation of the subject, (e.g. architecture, places, objects of interest) fit into this class. Detail and clarity along with technical quality are paramount.

Action (Mono or Colour) - Images depicting movement, such as car racing, sports action etc.

Landscape (Mono or Colour) – Landscape, Seascape, Cityscape etc. A landscape comprises the visible features of an area, including physical elements such as landforms, the sea, living elements of flora and fauna, abstract elements like lightning and weather conditions.

In addition to the above there is an Open section for images than CANNOT be classified in any of the above sections.

Open (Mono or Colour) - All images not defined in any of the above may be entered in this class. This section is intended for entries that CANNOT be classified in any of the above sections. Finally, specific sections covering Monochrome, Panel and New Exhibitor are covered below.

Monochrome (Mono) – It was decided at AGM, that any PAGB Monochrome definition should be adopted by PPS. For the avoidance of doubt, please check the PAGB website for updated changes. or

Panel (Mono or Colour) - A panel consists of three, four or five images with a linked theme e.g. subject matter, technique, story line etc. The panel can be all portrait format, all landscape format or a mixture of both. Each image should be labelled and contain the photographer’s name, image title and the number according to the layout of display desired by the photographer. This applies to both prints and PDI. With respect to PDI an additional image is required to show the layout. Also this image will be used to reproduce any winning images in the Exhibition catalogue or PPS produced slideshows

New Exhibitor (Mono or Colour) - This class is only open to members who have not previously entered any categories in the Peterborough Photographic Society Annual Exhibition and have not previously entered any Photographic Club Competitions. This class is designed to encourage members to enter the Annual exhibition, even if they are new to Photography. It is not designed for new members who have joined from other Societies where they have had direct experience in Club, National or International Exhibitions. This does not preclude those New Members from entering other sections within the exhibition.


A member can submit up to 25 individual PRINT entries. In addition up to 2 PRINT panels can be entered. (Maximum 27 Entries) A panel is considered as one entry.

Each entry must bear the photographer’s name, a title and the class entered.

It is preferred that all prints be mounted using the ‘standard size’ mount of 40cm x 50cm. Larger prints can be accepted, but the exhibition secretary may insist that the storage, transportation and any display considerations be organised by the entrant.

** Please supply a .jpeg file for any PRINT entry, this .jpeg image will be used to reproduce any winning images in the Exhibition catalogue or PPS produced slideshows. The jpeg format should be as per the PDI entries below.

Projected Digital Images (PDI)

A member can submit up to 25 individual PDI entries. In addition up to 2 PDI panels can be entered. (Maximum 27 Entries) A panel is considered as one entry.

Digital images may be captured by a digital camera or by digital scanning (by photographer or lab) of negatives, slides or prints. The images for judging will be projected by a digital projector in landscape format at a screen resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. Images must therefore, be no more than 1600 pixels wide and no more than 1200 pixels high, including any border or frame around the image. Care should be taken to ensure that the above format is correct, incorrectly formatted entries may not be judged. Images should be saved on a CD or Memory Stick as ‘jpg’ or ‘jpeg’ with sRGB colour space. Each CD or Memory Stick must be clearly labelled with the photographer’s name, contact telephone number and email address (if applicable), by using a permanent marker pen on the top surface of the CD or Memory Stick. The filename of each must be the title as saved on the CD and be preceded by the image number as follows

Image 01 (title) (class) (photographer initials)


Entry fees for both print and PDI are as detailed below: Cheques should be made payable to "Peterborough Photographic Society."

No. of images entered Fee payable
1 – 10 £5
11 -20 £10
21 – 27 £15