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Geoff Harman
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Study Groups

Some of our experienced members have agreed to lead a variety of ‘Study Groups’ which will meet at a convenient time/place……    (NOT on Tuesday, during ‘normal’ club meetings)  …. To be arranged by the members of the group.


Pete Malton will lead ‘Natural History’

Janet Davies, leading ‘Critiquing Images’ and ‘Award Schemes’

Nigel Gardner, leading ‘Portraits’

Duncan Kirkwood, leading ‘Architecture in Stamford’ 


Please contact each of these Group Leaders to register your interest. (In person on Tuesday, or via their email address available elsewhere on the website)


Duncan Kirkwood
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Anyone interested in

Anyone interested in improving their architectural photography skills will have the opportunity to borrow/use a 'shift lens' enabling easier perspective control ... i.e. 'in camera'  instead of via post processing. 

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